Using Telephone Interpreting Services Vs. Hiring an Interpreter

The language barrier can create a real problem in both personal and professional situations. When two people want to communicate but can’t understand each other, things just don’t get done. While there are a couple of different options for navigating this challenge, many individuals and businesses find a solution in the form of over the phone interpreter services. What makes this a better option than hiring an actual interpreter?

Lower Cost
How much something costs is always important. It doesn’t matter if it is something as simple as a business card or as complex as interpreter services. The goal is to get a quality product or service at the lowest possible price. Bringing out an interpreter is rarely a low-cost option. Keeping someone on staff just to handle these types of situations is never cost-effective. Using over the phone interpreter services is a much better option.

Instead of paying for a person to come out to a site and handle the situation, charges are usually calculated per minute, ensuring that individuals and businesses save a lot of money. At the same time, it is important to note that skipping a business transaction because of a language barrier can also be costly. It makes sense to find a way around the language issue to ensure that communication takes place.

Only Pay for What You Need
When an interpreter comes out to a location, certain charges are often assessed. It can be tough to charge by the hour, but even when that happens, some people don’t need an entire hour of services. Instead, they may need to just get in touch with someone to quickly find out how things are going or what other work needs to be done. These calls can be short, and paying by the minute simply makes more sense.

Multiple Options for One Price
When an interpreter comes out, there is a pretty good chance that they will speak one or two languages. This means that multiple conversations in multiple languages can’t be handled by just one person. The cost of interpreting services immediately goes up. However, with over the phone services, the charges are still based on the minutes used, no matter how many different languages are needed. This offers a lot more flexibility and versatility for those who work with a wide range of locations around the world.

Ultimately, a conversation between two people needs to take place. Each person speaks a different language, and a communication issue could lead to significant problems. Someone needs to step in and navigate the situation. The best option is to trust over the phone interpreters to handle the issue. An actual interpreter who comes out to a location can be costly, especially if the services are only needed for a short amount of time or the person doesn’t speak multiple languages. Over the phone interpreters bridge the gap seamlessly, making it easy to communicate with a number of different people.

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