Uses and Benefits of Telephone Interpretation in Multiple Sectors

What started as the means to communicate with the increasing immigrants in Australia is now leveraged as one of the most effective communication techniques in multiple sectors. Back in the 1980s, telephone interpretation services went underway in sectors such as telecommunications, tourism, healthcare, financial services, non-profit groups, and government organizations. If your organization or business requires person-to-person communication with your non-English speaking clients, these are the uses and benefits of telephonic interpretation you should know.

Telephone interpretation –When is it used?

  • Telephone interpretation service becomes necessary for situations when person-to-person or video conference interpretation is not feasible. Let’s find out where it can be used to get the best out of interpretation needs.
  • It can be leveraged by healthcare providers to communicate with their patients better. They don’t need to hire professional interpreters or translators to talk to the patient party. With the time-saving telephonic interpretation services, they can get their work done on an urgent basis.
  • Travel and hospitality industry too are using it for serving their customers better. From providing front-desk assistance to catering to the on-call demands of their multilingual customers, telephonic interpretation makes customer communication much more streamlined.
  • Non-profit groups use telephone interpreters to liaise with the people concerned. The people might belong to other countries who don’t speak English or vice versa.
  • Miscommunication between the people and government bodies is often held responsible for the delay in any emergency responses. This is when telephonic interpretation comes to play. Governments can use their interpreters on hotlines and use them to bridge the gap between them and common people.
  • Business enterprises that are planning to expand their set up globally can use telephonic interpreters to communicate with their foreign clients. The professional interpreters will work with you closely and make sure their objectives are met specifically to their business requirements.

The Benefits

  • Hassle-free: When you pass the baton of your interpretation needs to the professional you can rest assured that your needs will be met without any hassle. They will be there to provide assistance whenever you need them irrespective of the demographic or time zone.
  • Cost-friendly: Whenever you consider hiring telephonic interpretation services, you must ensure they give you the value for money. Usually, they will charge you much lesser than video conference or in-house professionals. Make sure they charge you for every minute so that you pay exactly for the time you consume and not shell out top dollars for a single call.
  • Flexible: One of the top benefits of telephonic interpretation service is its flexibility to match the requirements of their clients, irrespective of their budget and location. The highly-skilled interpreters will be provided based on the exact requirement of their client.

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