A Guide to Transcription, Translation & Interpretation

Exchanging words verbally and in writing can be hard when different languages are involved. Transcription, translation and interpretation can help!

If you’ve ever travelled to another country before, there were likely times when you had no idea what were going on around you. From strangers on a bus attempting to ask questions in their mother tongue to having to read menus or signs in a language you aren’t familiar with, day-to-day activities can be difficult when you don’t speak the same language as the people around you.

What’s right for the business?

In a business setting, speaking a different language can be an even bigger problem, with important decisions, confidential reports and customer service all on the line. Using a service that can help with all transcription, translation and interpretation needs can benefit any company, from a start-up to an international corporation.

Finding language interpretation services that are comprehensive with plenty of options for all aspects of a company is incredibly beneficial for business to run smoothly. Whether you need to communicate with clients in real time or create digital or print materials, finding the right service is essential.


When something needs to be changed from speech to text, it’s called transcription. Often this occurs when something needs to be listened to and then typed up or written down in some way. Transcribing is common in medical and law fields, and it comes with a very important responsibility to get each word correct.

Adding in another language to transcription can be even more difficult than transcribing from the same language. Finding a service that has a solid background in this area with experienced professionals is a necessity.


A translation service may seem similar to transcription because it involves multiple languages as well as writing. In translation, however, something that is in a written format is translated into another language but remains in the written format. Professional translators will be masters in two or more languages and will be well-versed in the acceptable written format of each language.

Some languages have different alphabets from the English language. This can prove difficult in written form when posters or advertisements are being created. Translators can work with you to explain how the language works in different written formats to find the best solution.


Language interpretation services are most often used for verbal communication. This can take place over the telephone, in person or via video call. Whenever a conversation needs to be interpreted, the service provider will listen to a sentence or two and then share what is being said. If necessary, they can also interpret as a conversation is taking place.

Finding the best interpretation, translation or transcription service provider for you or your company often involves looking for someone with the most experience in the specific language needed, but it’s also important to find a service that is reliable and professional. If you are confused about which service you need, you can always ask what would work best for your situation.

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