Top Questions You should Ask When Hiring Translation and Interpretation Services

From reaching out to overseas clients to streamlining administrative tasks, the need for translation and interpretation services have grown exponentially over the past few years. Besides having a basic understanding of a foreign language, one must also know how to seamlessly convey their messages to the native speakers who might be your clients. If you are looking for such services to eke out your business possibilities a notch higher, these are some of the vital questions you should ask the translation and interpretation service providers to ensure you get the best of their services.

Experience: Executing translation and interpretation tasks within a limited time frame is no child’s play and therefore, you should ensure the providers are dab hands in this domain. Ask them how many years of experience they have to find out more about their field expertise.

Portfolio: Ask them to showcase their works to get a clear picture of their portfolio and what industries they have catered to. A good provider should specialize in verticals such as healthcare, legal, finance, marketing, etc.

Testimonials: “The customer is always right” – So even if their portfolio seems pretty impressive, you should go through client reviews and testimonials to be completely certain of the provider’s credibility.

Project management process:  Ask the providers about the project review process. A standard project management protocol involves reviewing the project objectives in context to language, content, and culture. Based on the specific needs of the client, the project manager assigns the task to the concerned team of translators. It is then sent to the Certification Review Panel or CRP for an independent review based on the quality checklist. If the content meets all the requirements, the project manager sends the final draft for the client’s approval.

Client support: This is one of the most important factors that determine the capability of the provider. They should have the flexibility and promptness to be at your service whenever you need them. Make sure they have a dedicated POC for providing round-the-clock support and assistance.

Language expertise: A high-performance translation and interpretation provider must hold their aces in almost all the languages that are in practice for business communication. Some of the common business languages which often demands translation and interpretation are Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

Qualifications of the professionals:  You can also enquire about professional and educational qualifications of the team of translators and interpreters because your project will be managed by them. Make sure the professionals involved are certified, highly experienced, have bilingual native speaking abilities and strictly complies with the industrial code of ethics and standards.

Value for money: You wouldn’t want to spend top dollars on a translation or interpretation requirement just for the sake of it, isn’t it? So when the providers propose a quote, make sure there are no catches in the name of hidden fees or ‘setup costs’.

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