Top Outcome-Focused Global Marketing Trends in 2019

As the consumers are becoming more and more techno-savvy, the service providers are going an extra mile to cover the touchpoints and reach out to their potential customers. While the marketers are buckling down with their innovative strategies, the tech professionals are building effective tools and techniques to meet the expectations of the consumers. Are you looking for opportunities to optimize your business performance and reach out to the global market? Take your cue from these marketing strategies that will be trending high this year.

Multilingual Video marketing

We can’t deny that most of us come across at least one interesting video as we scroll through various digital platforms. According to a latest study, over 50% of marketers worldwide acknowledge video marketing over any other type of marketing to drive ROI. So if you have not yet created an engaging video to promote your brand then you are way behind the bandwagon. Ask your marketing team to make videos with global appeal and that is possible if you provide multilingual subtitles options. Get in touch with a professional translation service provider to complete the task right away.

Create a multi-language website   

It’s already 2019 and your website still does not support Multilanguage translation options? If you wish to expand then you should make your website global-ready to expose your brand to the international market. Besides, it will also help your website get better rankings on search engine platforms and outsmart your competitors’ websites. You never know your potential customers might be natives of China, Germany, Brazil, or Japan.

Develop effective digital marketing campaigns

All of your marketing efforts will go down the drain if you don’t strategize effective digital marketing campaigns. Make inroads in emerging markets and build connections with your potential buyers by building an eye-catching campaign. You might even convert your customers if you could hit the right online marketing chords such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing etc.

Multilingual presentations in international conferences

Interaction with global investors is possible if you could provide a presentation in multiple languages. With professional transcription services, you can easily convert an audio file in another language and then present it as a written marketing pitch to relevant sources. You can also go the other way round and transcribe the foreign language audio into a written English document for your benefit.

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Leverage the power of print ads

If you are too apprehensive about digital marketing capabilities then you can always go the traditional way and leverage the power of print ads. Make sure you get the promotional ads double checked by a professional translator if you target the ads in the international terrain. From product brochure to corporate guides, your marketing handouts should be arrayed in multilingual options.

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