Top Business Languages Your Company Should Know for Global Reach

Whether it’s a small venture or a big enterprise, almost every business aims at going global. It’s a known fact that about half of the business ventures in the United States are dependent on their foreign clients. Communication plays a key role in reaching out to overseas clientele and it is always advisable to be global-ready by learning the languages that might help you expand your business more easily. Here are some of the top foreign languages other than English, which have the potential to support a competitive edge to your business.

  • Dutch

According to Forbes, The Netherlands is amongst the top three countries for business. From technology to transportation, this European country boasts of multilingual workforce with competent business management policies. They also stand in good stead in accelerating business capabilities for other countries. Their official language Dutch is spoken is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn because English and Dutch share a lot of phrases in common.

  • Chinese

Although considered to be one of the most challenging languages to learn, you can’t ignore the fact that China underpins good business. Ranked as the most widely spoken language in the world, China accounts for one of the highest global real GDP growth in the past few years. It is also considered to the market leaders in exporting and trading with top-of-the-line investors in the US. Their best-of-breed technological capabilities are also responsible for accelerating business growth globally. So clearly being a Chinese translator or interpreter is going to ensure a rewarding career for anyone who picks up this language.

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  • Spanish

We all know that the US is recognized to be the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world with about 40 million people speaking it as the first language. So if you are planning to launch a business venture then learning Spanish will help you reach out to your potential customers better. You can also work from home as a Spanish translator and get highly-paid for it.

  • Arabic

Impress high profile middle-east clients by communicating with them in Arabic. With about 450 million speakers worldwide, the economic development in Arabic speaking countries is soaring high. Although most of the westerners don’t consider learning this language, it is always advisable to tread a road less traveled. Arabic translators are always in high demand in both the US and middle-east countries and needless to say, learning it will definitely pad your wallet to a T.

  • Russian

Russians don’t speak English and are always in the lookout for English translators to expand their business possibilities. Businesses in the US are increasingly joining hands with Russia-based businesses and you can make most of this opportunity by learning it right away.

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