The Nuances Of Translating For Creative Media

Media is ever-changing. With popular trends of various social media platforms and apps, it is a lot to keep up with as a consumer let alone as a business. Having a strong marketing presence online is essential, and many businesses are realizing the importance of this in the international realm. It’s more important than ever to find translation services in Michigan that can keep your original messaging in media and online when translating to a different language for a wider audience.

When a translation service provider is beginning the task of translating anything that communicates to the customer, they have to keep a few things in mind. The language and idioms used will be important for the intended recipient’s culture. Translation services in Michigan will also keep in mind the type of media the text will be displayed in, whether it is online, in print or even through social media.

Awareness of cultural norms

Translation providers must fully comprehend the culture of the people who speak the language they are translating to. Word-for-word translation isn’t helpful in many situations. In fact, doing this can create nonsensical sentences. Understanding the nuances of the intended language and adapting the translation to fit in with any specific cultural norms is the only way forward.

Length and clarity

A challenge that can arise when translating social media or certain marketing materials is the length of the translation. Certain social media platforms have specific rules on character amount. Translating a message in another language can often result in many more letters or words than the original language. Therefore, translators must get creative to keep the message accurate but still within the parameters of the platform.

Vibrant images and graphics

The length and clarity of a translated item can also pose problems in online marketing and advertising pieces. Special graphics and images with phrases or sentences on them will have been carefully curated in the original language so that every letter fits in a specific spot within the graphic. Translating these words to a new language will likely change the spacing or size of the message, meaning the overall look will change, sometimes dramatically.

Keeping this in mind when preparing marketing materials, your designs will allow translators to have room to translate the intended message without losing any of the overall intended messages.

It may also be beneficial to keep in mind the different jargon, hashtags and catchphrases that go along with various social media platforms. Many of these networks have English-centric phrases or terms that might be difficult to directly translate.

Using experienced translators will ensure you are getting your marketing materials translated for the intended audience in the right way for the media used. They will understand the cultural norms and jargon and will keep to the required length for the message.

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