Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental

Multilanguage Services, Inc. makes it easy for you to say what you mean, no matter what language you need to say it in. With our simultaneous interpreting equipment rental service, you can be sure that language barriers will not prevent your international event from running smoothly.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is the act of converting speaker message into another language while the speaker continues to speak in real time. Our equipment makes it easy for interpreters to hear one language and provide a high quality translation into the target language.

What is the equipment needed for simultaneous interpretation?

Multilanguage Services can provide portable equipment for small meetings or one-on-one interactions as well as stationary booths, suitable for large-scale meetings or conferences. We are happy to help you choose the right equipment to suit your needs.

Whatever your needs are we are ready to assist you…portable or stationary interpreting equipment (handheld transmitters and receivers, tabletop booths or full size booths) just give us a call!

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