Interpreting In The Courtroom

Looking around a courtroom, you know the main players you can expect to see: lawyers for both sides, a judge, security personnel, some witnesses and the defendants. However, there may be an additional person there – either in person, live on video, or via telephone – that you might not realize is a necessary part of the upcoming proceedings: an interpreter. Interpreters and translators help to ensure that everyone is on the same page in a courtroom appearance so that everything can run smoothly and be understood by all.

Experience in court interpretation

Communicating in a courtroom involves making statements that are on the record. Any statement that can be used to determine someone’s fault in a situation needs to be clearly communicated. Using language interpretation and translation service providers with experienced staff is of the utmost importance.

Having a background in law can help you understand the jargon and any other considerations in the field. Choosing a company that has interpreters and translators who are well versed in legal jargon, nuances and important documents and processes can only benefit everyone.

On-site or remote interpretation

Having an interpreter with a non-native speaker in the courtroom is ideal but not always possible. This is when having an interpreter call in can benefit everyone involved. An interpreter needs direct access to the person in addition to understanding everything that is being said to them. Interpreters act as the voice and ears of the individual to ensure they are fully comprehending what’s going on and to share any communication they are expressing to others.

In-person gestures and nuances are helpful for many languages, but spoken languages can be interpreted over the phone remotely as well. This may be a good option in a courtroom where the amount of time an interpreter is needed is short and having someone come in person may not be practical.

When translation is needed?

Language interpretation and translation services are exactly what many people need when they are going through the legal system or a courtroom setting. We have already seen how interpretation can benefit a non-English speaker, but what about printed material?

When there are important documents that need to be signed or read and understood by the non-English speaking individual, it can cause stress and worry for them. Signing legal documents when you don’t understand them is never a good idea. A translated copy of the document can help in this situation so the person knows and understands what is going and what they are agreeing to.

A courtroom comes with a lot of rules and regulations that everyone must adhere to, no matter which language they speak. Working within these parameters, language interpretation and translation helps everyone be rightfully represented and understand exactly what is happening around them. Enlisting the help of an experienced team of interpreters and translators is the best first step.

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