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Imagine this: your business is beginning to grow and you need to start brainstorming how you can reach an international client base. Maybe you need to share written word in another language or conduct business meetings between your staff and a multitude of other countries, who all speak a different language. Interpreting can help in these instances and more. To be sure you are choosing the best telephone interpreting services for the job, check out these important questions so you fully understand what you and your business can get out of interpretation services.

When should telephone interpreting used?

Telephone interpreting services are most helpful for one-on-one interactions, though they can be used in other scenarios. Telephone interpreting should be used when someone in person needs a conversation interpreted. The interpreter can call in–often on speakerphone–and help explain what is going on to the person who does not speak the language.

How do I find a telephone interpreter?

Finding the best service provider for telephone interpretation means checking out what’s available and doing a little research into their background. Finding a provider of interpreters that has experienced staff who have a varied and vast knowledge of the intended language is very beneficial. Many languages spoken around the world have different dialects, phrases, accents and other nuances that the interpreter should be well-versed in interpreting.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation usually happens with equipment in a room or conference room, though it can be done over the phone if needed. Simultaneous interpretation is used when the person speaking shouldn’t be interrupted for an interpreter to do their part. Therefore, the interpreter has to immediately interpret what they are hearing and do everything all at once. This is a special skill, so it is important to find someone with background in simultaneous interpretation if this is a service you need.

Where is telephone interpretation used?

Telephone interpretation can be used in many different work settings, for the benefit of the business or the client or customer. Many people imagine telephone interpretation being used in places like hospitals, border patrols, and in legal settings, but many more businesses can benefit from interpretation services than just these. Depending on your business and how things are done in meetings, conferences, and conversing or communicating with clients, telephone interpretation could be just what you need.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to telephone interpretation?

Depending on what you need telephone interpretation for, you will likely not find many drawbacks. Any disadvantages that may arise can likely be fixed by using another type of interpretation or translation service. The advantages to telephone interpretation are aplenty, with the most important being opening the lines of communication between your business and others.

Many businesses can benefit from telephone interpretation services. Find a trustworthy telephone interpreter to help your business grow internationally.

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