Dos and Don’ts when Learning a Foreign Language

From expanding career opportunities to being a great traveler, learning multiple foreign languages is a great way to develop your personality. For starters, it can be a little taxing, but with time they will find it quite addictive to nurture their multilingual abilities. Now that you’ve decided to learn a new foreign language, these are some of the unwritten essentials you need to keep in mind.


Befriend a native: Thanks to the social media-dependent world, there’s no dearth of options to make friends with native people who speak the language you wish to learn. This will strengthen your fluency and help you learn more easily.

Enroll for a specialized course: Join an institute that provides specialized conversational foreign language learning classes for people with specific needs. A good institute should categorize the classes for different people such as corporate professionals, vacation travelers, beginners, etc.

Watch foreign language movies: Even a non-cinephile will agree that foreign language movies deserve the much-needed attention that they actually get. So make a list of the greatest movies or spin-offs of all time of the language you’re learning and start watching them.

Listen, learn, repeat!: When you used to learn any subject in school or college, what was your way to memorize it? Whatever it was, do the same when learning the language. Keep practicing till you are confident enough to ace your way to the advanced level learning.


Learn online: All of us are highly dependent on the digital sphere and many of us resort to learn their preferred language online. However, it is not a great idea if you want to master the nuances of the language. The online courses are not inclusive of face to face communication and this is one of the most important factors that determine your command over the language. Besides, what if you need to ask questions?

Jump the guns: Be patient! Many foreign language learners often have an expectation of finishing their course mid-way thinking they have already learned enough. This will do you no good in the long run and you might have to rejoin the class again. You just need to be persistent and cope with the instructions of your teacher accordingly.

Multitasking: You are in for an uphill slog if you decide to learn multiple languages at the same time. You might face real problems while appearing for tests and also land up in awkward situations if you misuse a term which might have a different connotation in some other language.

Do away with word-by-word translations: Try to avoid word-by-word translation of the foreign into English or your own native language and consult with your language instructor to help you with the correct translation.

Not reading enough: Don’t just learn. Start reading some of the literary works of the language you are learning that is easy to understand. Enlist help from the native friends and start reading.

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