Top Outcome-Focused Global Marketing Trends in 2019

As the consumers are becoming more and more techno-savvy, the service providers are going an extra mile to cover the touchpoints and reach out to their potential customers. While the marketers are buckling down with their innovative strategies, the tech…

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12 Reasons Your Kid should learn a Second Language

According to a recent study, only 20% of US kids study a second language compared to a whopping 92% in Europe. Besides, studying a second language is compulsory in most of the countries worldwide whereas K-12 students in the US rarely…

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Dos and Don’ts when Learning a Foreign Language

From expanding career opportunities to being a great traveler, learning multiple foreign languages is a great way to develop your personality. For starters, it can be a little taxing, but with time they will find it quite addictive to nurture…

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Top 8 Highly Paid Translation Languages in the World

While the U.S Department of Labor has already announced the demand for translators and interpreters will skyrocket in years to come, not many people are still aware of the huge benefits of learning multiple foreign languages. Given to their increasing…

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