5 Types of Marketing Handouts Only Professional Translators can Work on

Every customer-centric business that aims to expand globally should be backed by a professional translation and interpretation service provider to get the best out of their marketing endeavors. While some of the marketing materials might be designed by your in-house marketing team, there are some business handouts that demands professional acumen over Google Translate. Here are the top marketing handouts that should be developed by professionals only.

  1. Corporate brochure

Whether it’s a printed brochure or an e-brochure, a well-written corporate brochure is still considered to be one of the most effective marketing techniques to represent your services and products better. It also contains important information such as your business objectives, digital presence, and communication efforts with your clients. You should not only focus on the visual appeal of the brochure but also lay emphasis on the language and syntax to impress the readers. Professionals make sure the translation is equally impressive and on-point.

  1. Financial reports

A lot of enterprises share their financial reports on open forums to lend a better overview of their business performance. It helps to understand the profitability quotient and financial position of the company. This way the clients can determine the profit-earning capabilities of the company. Professionals who are dab hands in rendering translation services to the finance industry can create the best multilingual financial report for your company. They are well aware of the financial jargons used in the targeted foreign language speaking country.

  1. Product guide

This is one of the most crucial marketing handouts that can make or break an image of your brand name. Most of your customers will be sifting through the product guide to use your product better and you need to be very careful with the language you use. Your professional translation service provider will work closely with you and develop a product guide that will be easily understood by your foreign customers.

  1. Press release

From an eye-catching headline to highlighting the USPs of your products or services, a press release should be arrayed in all of the information the reporter needs to know. You can gain the attention of a much wider audience by translating the press release and use it in either an international press conference or release it online

  1. Technical manual

Although similar to a product guide, a technical manual is a bit more complex. It provides all the hardware and software information and this can be composed by someone who has the field expertise. The translator who works on it should be equally adept in converting the details without losing the essence of the original manual.

How does a professional translation service work?  

When you hire a professional translation service to develop the content for any of these marketing handouts, you should ensure they follow a streamlined project management process. The team should meticulously work on the language and context and get it reviewed by the project manager who will finally give a go-ahead for the client’s approval.

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