12 Reasons Your Kid should learn a Second Language

According to a recent study, only 20% of US kids study a second language compared to a whopping 92% in Europe. Besides, studying a second language is compulsory in most of the countries worldwide whereas K-12 students in the US rarely participate in foreign language learning. While learning the English language will help your kid communicate with almost everyone in the US, including foreign language education can offer these lifelong benefits.

  1. Develop cognitive skills: Learning a new language itself is a challenging task irrespective of any age. Exposing your kid to multilingual practices at an early age will boost their cognitive skills and rev up their intellectual capabilities.
  2. Boost memory: Learning disabilities is one of the most alarming disorders found in kids of the millennial generation. Studying a foreign language underpins cerebral exercise and this is important for improving the memory capacity of your kid.
  3. Enhance writing skills: English language owes a lot of its coinages to many foreign languages. Multilingual proficiency is imperative to strengthen your child’s vocabulary and enriching their writing abilities.
  4. Easy learning: Although there is no particular age to learn a new language, adopting it at an early age will help them grasp the nuances of the language more easily because their adaptability skills are much stronger at a younger age.
  5. Improve test scores: According to a recent study, students who have learned a foreign language are more likely to perform better on the competitive tests such as ACT and SAT for key subjects such as English and Mathematics.
  6. Broadens cultural horizons: Your kid is arrayed in multicultural practices and this will allow him/her to get a taste of different culture. This will expand their views and opinion in any context.
  7. Foster compassion: Children with multilingual capabilities are bound to nurture their human side by empathizing with people who speak the language they learn.
  8. No harmful addiction: If your child is involved in learning something out of their syllabus, they would be engaged in cultivating these activities rather than wasting unnecessary time in gaming or browsing.
  9. Amplify future job opportunities: Translation and interpretation open up rewarding job opportunities and therefore, studying a second language will only increase their future job opportunities.
  10. Nurture creativity: Not everyone is born with creative impulses but you can amplify creative thinking capabilities in your child with second language education. With a broadened perspective to look at things differently, you kid little one is bound to think out of the box.
  11. Makes traveling easy: If your child learns Spanish, then traveling in Mexico will be all the more fun, isn’t it? Same goes for learning foreign languages such as French, German, Chinese, Hindi, or any other language you choose.
  12. Make friends: Learning a new language means communicating with more people. Your child will grow up to be a popular individual and will have great connectivity with people for the better.

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