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Translating and Interpreting During a Pandemic

Translation and interpretation services are helpful in many different businesses. Having a company you can turn to for all of your professional translation and interpretation needs is beneficial on a regular day, but in the current state of affairs with…

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Interpreting and Translating Helps Many

Using language interpretation and translation services is a good idea, period. Whether your business or company is just getting started or has been in the game for a long time now, there are many advantages to utilizing a service that…

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Finding the Best Language Interpreter

Running a business is tough. Needing to find an office, a whole staff of people and doing everything from the ground up is quite a hefty task. Now add to that the pressure of growth into international business, and you…

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What Makes A Good Translator?

If you have ever tried to read or write or even say something in another language, then you know how difficult it can be to translate. There are so many nuances in many languages that make it difficult to get…

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Interpreting In The Courtroom

Looking around a courtroom, you know the main players you can expect to see: lawyers for both sides, a judge, security personnel, some witnesses and the defendants. However, there may be an additional person there – either in person, live…

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A Guide to Transcription, Translation & Interpretation

Exchanging words verbally and in writing can be hard when different languages are involved. Transcription, translation and interpretation can help! If you’ve ever travelled to another country before, there were likely times when you had no idea what were going…

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Uses and Benefits of Telephone Interpretation in Multiple Sectors

What started as the means to communicate with the increasing immigrants in Australia is now leveraged as one of the most effective communication techniques in multiple sectors. Back in the 1980s, telephone interpretation services went underway in sectors such as telecommunications, tourism,…

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