Foreign Language

Putting Quality First with Transcription Services

Transcribing for specific industries means a lot of knowledge of not only the original and intended languages, but also the industry itself. Hospitals, law offices, schools and government agencies all have very specific needs when it comes to transcription services….

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12 Reasons Your Kid should learn a Second Language

According to a recent study, only 20% of US kids study a second language compared to a whopping 92% in Europe. Besides, studying a second language is compulsory in most of the countries worldwide whereas K-12 students in the US rarely…

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15 Interesting Facts on Translation and Interpretation

In this era of globalization, the demand for translation and interpretation is growing by the day. Be it for medical practices or in international business collaborations, professional language services have become the need of the hour. Let’s find out some…

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6 Effective Ways to Expand your Business Globally

Every employer dreams of taking their enterprises to new heights. Joining hands with international clients, increasing customer base and expanding business globally tops the priority list of any ambitious company. But before you think of expanding your business horizons there…

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Top 6 Foreign Languages to Learn in 2018

The New Year is here with the hope of new opportunities that can make you future-ready. This year you can make a to-do list and try to learn something new. Keeping the recent trends of the global market in mind,…

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Foreign language learning

9 Amazing Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

You must have come across words like merci, voila, s’il vous plait, at least once in life. In popular culture, different jargons are apparently used to add to the allure of the sentence. Whether you’re a student planning to study abroad or a…

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